Ern Malley Incarnate (Vegan Options Available)

‘Now is the winter of our wet cement’ quoth Lucy in her sty with diamonds in her silk-purse ears. Meanwhile, in a battlefield far, far, away, Dicky Three hunched his back, despairing at the sward strewn with sordid, sworded bodies in his path and cried ‘A hearse, a hearse, my kingdom for a hearse’. Hearing … Continue reading Ern Malley Incarnate (Vegan Options Available)

From bottom-burps to bogeys

This was written for the weekly Terrible Poetry challenge. The divine Ms. Chelsea says ‘the topic is the cute (or 'cute') things that kids say. I'll admit I'm more inspired by the parenthetical version after our dinner conversations lately. What is it with young children (perhaps just with boys) and potty humor? Do they really think … Continue reading From bottom-burps to bogeys

The Giant Mozzie of Kozzie

This piece was written for the weekly Terrible Poetry contest, using the theme 'The Big Rock Candy Mountain'. Might I humbly suggest this will romp it in. And in fact it did! I went searchin’ for the treasure The wealth beyond measure That would bring me great pleasure Up there in the blue azure. … Continue reading The Giant Mozzie of Kozzie

God bleakly ignoring midwinter

Thanks to my UK blog pal Bryntin , I came across this delightful site, Terrible Poetry and have submitted this entry under the prompt 'The Bleak Midwinter". The bleak midwinter arrived in the middle of winter and it was bleak. Not moor bleak; more bleak than that. The wind was keen, not in that American neat … Continue reading God bleakly ignoring midwinter