War and Pizza Store Menu

My entry into this week's Carrot Ranch 100 word challenge on the theme of pizza. PETA special – Contains no animal products but please note that wheat screams when it’s harvested. Four Seasons – Perfect for the procrustinator Meet Lovers – Could be anything but comes PDQ Blonde – Toasted open sandwich (they’ll never know) … Continue reading War and Pizza Store Menu

Tap dancing

This my response to the 99 word Flash Fiction Challenge prompt of 'tapping'. He started with a shuffle on the kitchen table, skillfully avoiding the remnant spaghetti bolognaise, wine glasses and tootsie rolls. (Some time ago, ‘she’ became ‘he’ with a ball change when she was living in Buffalo.) Confident of his Shirley Temple rhythm … Continue reading Tap dancing

Right-wing extremist

This 100 word piece was written for the Friday Fictioneers  photo prompt below.   ‘What’s with your new display. It’s a little one-sided, isn’t it?’ ‘It’s symbolic of my political views.’ ‘How so?’ ‘Do you see any red there left of centre?’ ‘Now that you mention it ….’ ‘No tomatoes, no pinko apples, no anti-capitalist … Continue reading Right-wing extremist