Clarice of the light

This piece was written for the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction 99 word challenge, with the prompt word of 'Clarice'. I have taken my inspiration from the Australian painter, Clarice Beckett. You can learn more about her here. ‘Oh, that Clarice. Fancies painting more than men. Imagine that? Still, she’s done the right thing by her … Continue reading Clarice of the light

Nights in the castle

This piece was written for the Blog Battle challenge with the prompt word of 'castle'. The inevitable knock came. He opened the door swiftly, startling the middle-aged farmer in the high-viz jacket planted on the verandah, bearing a six-pack. He closed the door again, just as swiftly. Mission accomplished. By this evening, the word would … Continue reading Nights in the castle

An Australian on the road in Tenby, Wales

Written for Charlie Mills' Flash Fiction 100 word challenge around the theme of the open road. At the Buccaneer Pub, inside the walls of the old town, I’m drinking with ancients like myself, pretending to be interested in rugby, while they pretend to be interested in cricket, but neither of us fakes their distrust of … Continue reading An Australian on the road in Tenby, Wales

Vivacious veracity

This piece was written for the monthly Blog Battle challenge around the word 'vivacious'. These pieces are normally meant to be around 1,000 words but any one of the following anecdotes provide a picture. Mrs. Chasen: [after spotting her son, Harold, hanging from a noose in the living room] ‘I suppose you think that’s very … Continue reading Vivacious veracity


This 99 word story comes from the Carrot Ranch word prompt 'by design'.   “So”, he began, “we designed the dam to help the irrigators.” “Irrigators that grow cotton and not food?” ‘Absolutely!” he replied warily. “Cotton to sell to Asia to be turned into T-shirts in sweat-shops?” “Well, we don’t dictate the market ….” … Continue reading DAM DESIGN

Shopping in the parallel universe

This is my entry in the Carrot Ranch's 99 word challenge for this month with the theme of 'open mic night'. In the supermarket the other night, I grabbed the store open mic and announced: “Attention all staff. Red team, please re-arrange the aisles at random to ensure customers have to search the entire supermarket … Continue reading Shopping in the parallel universe