Word Prompt Stories – Kurdaitcha man

This piece was written for the weekly 99 word Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge with the prompt of 'write a spooky tale told around a campfire'. I suggest you read this link beforehand. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurdaitcha This was the first cattle drive for the Arrente boy the whitefellas called Jimmy. The whitefellas couldn’t care less for blackfella … Continue reading Word Prompt Stories – Kurdaitcha man


This piece was written for the monthly Blog Battle 1,000 word challenge with the prompt of 'exotic'. Harley had become stupendously rich (as in Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Musk and the like being minor players). His wealth derived from what others threw away. He had invented technology that mined dump sites for plastic and then re-constituted … Continue reading Exotica

The Giraffter Life

This piece was submitted to the monthly Blog Battle challenge, with the word prompt of 'flute'. They sat, in their re-purposed dust-sheet-covered armchairs, on the back verandah, as dusk descended on ‘The Farm’. The name came from his Asian colleagues, curious about his regular Facebook posts from his veggie patch. When he told them he … Continue reading The Giraffter Life