War and pizza

Written for the 42 word poetry challenge . with the prompt ward of War. The world is simply divided, armistice we are unlikely to see. There’s no-one who is undecided White flags there never will be. Pineapple is an abomination Say the denizens of the purist army, whereas pineapple proponents say pizza without it is … Continue reading War and pizza

Snarky snickersnackery

This preposterous piece of poetic puerility was written for the divine Ms. Owen's 'A Mused Poetry' prompt for this week: 'Snarky Rant. That's right: a jaded, sarcastic, fed up, perhaps even nihilistic poem in an "I stick it to you, sucky events!" manner.' I'll thank Charles Dodgson for the inspiration when next I see him. The … Continue reading Snarky snickersnackery

Barfing on Dad’s old army pants

This week's challenge on the world of Terrible Poetry is to parody a popular song on the the theme of Covid-19. I've chosen 'Macarthur Park' with some reluctance, having been a roadie for Jeff Duff in the distant past and was always thrilled to hear him sing this. Ah, well, anything for art.   The … Continue reading Barfing on Dad’s old army pants

Disaster limericks

These flawed gems are in response to this week's Terrible Poetry challenge, which consists of 'stockpiling against a worldwide disaster, in limerick form'. Wine not The world is facing disaster So stock up on tuna and pasta Cache rolls for the loo Store sanitising goo And ensure your wine cellar’s vaster.   Paperless society Go … Continue reading Disaster limericks

From bottom-burps to bogeys

This was written for the weekly Terrible Poetry challenge. The divine Ms. Chelsea says ‘the topic is the cute (or 'cute') things that kids say. I'll admit I'm more inspired by the parenthetical version after our dinner conversations lately. What is it with young children (perhaps just with boys) and potty humor? Do they really think … Continue reading From bottom-burps to bogeys

Ern Malley Incarnate (Vegan Options Available)

This piece was written for the Terrible Poetry challenge centred on the Bard of Australia, Ern Malley . Can't think who could have alerted the charming Ms Chelsea Owens to Ern's stellar career.   ‘Now is the winter of our wet cement’ quoth Lucy in her sty with diamonds in her silk-purse ears. Meanwhile, in … Continue reading Ern Malley Incarnate (Vegan Options Available)