Owl’d lang syne

This was written for the monthly Blog Battle challenge, up to 2000 words, with the prompt word of 'owl'. This piece is 1400+ words. As Carter made his way carefully along the rutted track in his ancient, poorly-suspended car, he wondered for the umpteenth time why McGee had invited him to celebrate him to celebrate … Continue reading Owl’d lang syne


This story was written for the Six Sentence story challenge with the prompt word of 'filter'. You know that filter that’s supposed to intervene between what you think and what you say, that filter that weighs up the consequences of honesty versus the need to be polite and to consider the future consequences for your … Continue reading Unfiltered

‘Currying Disflavour’ is a winner

I crave your indulgence in a little immodesty. I am delighted to report that I have just been advised that this story has won the Longer Flash Fiction section (up to 500 words) of the The Andrew Siderius Memorial Writing Contest, run by Friday Flash Fiction in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Judges' comments included: 'We especially … Continue reading ‘Currying Disflavour’ is a winner

When the chickens come home to roost

Walter McGillicuddy’s only, and supremely effective, defense against the charge of being insane was that he always remained within the bounds of the broad church of sanity. When he was questioned by the railway police as to why he was tearing up strips of newspaper and throwing them out of the window, he said it … Continue reading When the chickens come home to roost