Lost Childhood and Journey To The Top

These pieces were written for the Six Story Challenge, with the prompt word of 'lost'. Two pieces this week, one serious, one-light-hearted. Lost childhood The family had stopped by the side of the road to have a picnic and pick wild blackberries that would fill pies and jam jars. The father could reach the highest … Continue reading Lost Childhood and Journey To The Top

Evil is as Evil does

Keith Neville derived his nickname of Evil from Evil Knievel, being a play on ‘Evil’ K. Neville. He was a long-haul truck driver whose invariable appearance consisted of baggy khaki shorts, sleeveless shirt exposing a myriad of tattoos on his arms, and once-white socks arising from Blundstone workers boots. One day he arrived home to … Continue reading Evil is as Evil does

Sister doing it for herself

Anna had made several calls to her sister and left messages, without success. Finally Gemma answered. ‘Hi, sis. What’s happening?’ Anna paused and took a deep breath before saying ‘Mum’s gone.’ Gemma’s vocal fry voice responded ‘Oh my God, when?’ ‘Not that it matters but a couple of hours ago.’ Gemma, seemingly shocked, said ‘What … Continue reading Sister doing it for herself