Day 7 and the end of the WP Intro to Poetry challenge. 'From the simple (butter on toast, a childhood-evoking bubblegum) to the more complex (insert your latest dinner-party triumph — or fiasco), flavor (when will Americans learn to spell correctly) occupies a crucial place in our memories, in our stories, and in our social interactions. … Continue reading Disflavour

Screeny Todd

We're up to Day 6 in the WP poetry program and today's prompt is 'screens'.   Come closer to your screens, children, And download the tale of Screeny Todd, The Demon Barber of Silicon Valley.   Enticed by his olde worlde striped pole and his handle-bar moustache, (it always reminded them of bicycles) his soon … Continue reading Screeny Todd

My friend, the PM, a sort of cross-tick kind of guy

Day 3 of the WP Intro to Poetry challenge, with the theme of a 'friend' and encouragement to give acrostic a try; an (allegedly) fun poetic form where the first letter of every verse combines to create a word or a message. In this case I’ve made it the first letter of every line to … Continue reading My friend, the PM, a sort of cross-tick kind of guy

Faceless abitteration

Day 2 of WP's Writing: Into Poetry, with the prompt of 'a face' and encouraging alliteration.  Doggedly defending the indefensible, bile steadily drips from the bigot’s spigot, fouling the stream of dreams of lovers, under the cover of internet anonymity. Faceless, baseless, racist, panting and ranting, typing and sniping one-handed. In the starkness of semi-darkness … Continue reading Faceless abitteration

Remember the revolution?

Remember causes and affectations of effect on war in cities now gone five-star?   Remember social action sitting in smoke-filled rooms with Nescafe activists and battered women with no teeth and less hope?   Remember death when it belonged to rock stars and people your mother knew?   Remember money and how it wasn’t going … Continue reading Remember the revolution?


This poem was included in the Indigomania anthology  published by https://truthserumpress.net/submissions/indigomania/  For you and I, all things seem possible when we look across blue water from the solid shore. Peering towards the horizon, we conspire towards a thousand buoyant courses. Imagining a receding shore and a rising tide, we do not weigh our stamina against … Continue reading Reflections