A magnetic personality

Your healing, random, magnetic, barely understood, as you intend. Home to refugees, your face reaches in and palpates (like a surgeon) that fluttering life muscle behind their eyes, and leaves them anaesthetised with wisdom. As your moon-tides wax and wane, these words, the iron filings of my own secret armour, cling to your magnet eyes … Continue reading A magnetic personality

Blood lines

At her birth she staggered on unfamiliar legs while her mother licked her clean and tried not to stand on her in forgetfulness or fatigue. Soon she stood alone, with a coat that waxed in spring and waned in winter moon. At the yearling sale she pranced, nostrils flared, unminded of her fetlocks in the … Continue reading Blood lines

Zen and the Art of Personal Maintenance – 10 Meditations

1.  If all the world's a stage,      be the one hand clapping. 2.  Like baubles across a bassinet      the past invites endless play. 3.  Your future is in the distance      between this breath and the next. 4.  Every day is your birth-day;      give yourself a present. 5.  Never let your right … Continue reading Zen and the Art of Personal Maintenance – 10 Meditations

Will I still be with you in the City of Dreaming Spires?

When, in languid times, you reach into your mind for companions intemperate to share the fruits of summer succulence, will my face float into view and hover (ever the tantalising gadfly) or will it stay Titanically submerged under the wet weight of wavers-not-drowners? In the mythical winters of the sheepish plains, when even marrow moves … Continue reading Will I still be with you in the City of Dreaming Spires?

The whole package and nothing but the package

The cheque arrived like mail to the wrong address. (No-one of those dollars lives here.) Paying the mortgage you expect whistles and bells (or at least the screen to play "We're In The Money") but it doesn't blink. A teller's smile seems less than adequate. Walking into a home you now own, nothing has changed. … Continue reading The whole package and nothing but the package

Turtledove wisdom

I set aside the dystopian novel I'm reading and gaze through the window glass for external sustenance. An immigrant turtledove, all fluid twitching and watchful arrogance, lands and stands central and as still as the paving. Then preliminary scouting, to ensure the dog is fly-wire encaged. Assured, she feigns aimless feeding on morsels, slouching, crab-like, … Continue reading Turtledove wisdom

Meetings, bloody meetings

We met, straggling in like Brown's cows, approximating the appointed time. We talked in arcane codes of acronym, approximating the agenda. Skillfully sliding over specifics, we adjourned matters, pending further information. Making sly digs at absent colleagues, we wallowed in gossip and angst for the future we were avoiding. There was no cuppa at the … Continue reading Meetings, bloody meetings