The dingo and the moon

Content warning for the sensitive. Strong language and images. I wrote this piece at some time during the 1970's, when I was clearly an angry young man, and only recently re-discovered a hand-written version. At about the same time I discovered the Ship Street Poetry site, which encourages freedom of expression using whatever language you … Continue reading The dingo and the moon

Snarky snickersnackery

This preposterous piece of poetic puerility was written for the divine Ms. Owen's 'A Mused Poetry' prompt for this week: 'Snarky Rant. That's right: a jaded, sarcastic, fed up, perhaps even nihilistic poem in an "I stick it to you, sucky events!" manner.' I'll thank Charles Dodgson for the inspiration when next I see him. The … Continue reading Snarky snickersnackery

Remember not and remember

I have just re-discovered this piece I wrote for my wife, Sue, when her beloved younger brother was facing his final days with us. Remember not his lostness in space, his days, numbered and unnumbered, annihilated through ingestion, his false stairways climbed in hope of heaven his roads travelled to others’ horizons; he knew the … Continue reading Remember not and remember

Black, white and brindle truth

If you are sensitive about your beliefs then I'm not quite sure why you are following this blog. Nevertheless, this piece is more challenging and requires deeper thought than most. I look forward to your comments. All people of colour have a deep spiritual connection to the land of their ancestors. Never trust a black … Continue reading Black, white and brindle truth

What’s a metaphor you, alphabetically speaking?

You're like: Abseiling (if you could teach an abalone to seil) Busking in Brunswick with a balalaika, Cats who only eat Dine, Dancing (strictly no ballroom), Ease (only accomplished without practice) Fencing without a face mask, G, but with no strings attached, Honesty (often unseemly and embarrassing), Intelligence (seldom found disappearing up itself), Joy (beware … Continue reading What’s a metaphor you, alphabetically speaking?