This Old Man

I'm turning over today's Occasional Ravings to this beautiful piece by Roger Angell of The New Yorker magazine, written when he was 94, and he's still working at 99. I'm nowhere near his age (and unlikely to ever be) but it still rings true, especially the arrival of invisibility.

The Fair Go Manifesto

The Newstart Fair Go Manifesto Preamble: As Australians we pride ourselves on the notion of a ‘fair go’ or the idea that everyone deserves an equitable chance to succeed in their endeavours, whether it be sport or any other sphere of human aspiration. However, somewhere along the way, work and income have become exempt from … Continue reading The Fair Go Manifesto

Shopping in the parallel universe

When I go shopping at a supermarket, I enter a parallel universe. In this parallel universe, shoppers are able to: -          take up two parking spaces because they think their Noddy car is really a B-double truck -          use the Disabled parks in front of the shop and get out pretending to limp -          block … Continue reading Shopping in the parallel universe

The great technology seduction

Yes, dear Followers, I do appreciate the irony of publishing this on the interweb and of me having worked for tech-focused charities. But as everyone from J M Keynes to Winston Churchill is alleged to have said, "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do?" With personal computers having been around … Continue reading The great technology seduction

Choosing the right ending (and what Quinn The Eskimo might have to say about that).

Warning: If discussion of death and/or assisted dying tends to upset you, pick another piece to read. At the old Ashril Cinema in Greensborough, a remote outer suburb of Melbourne in the 60's, I saw 'The Savage Innocents', a Hollywood attempt at portraying the plight of the Innuit as 'Christian civilisation' crept closer to their … Continue reading Choosing the right ending (and what Quinn The Eskimo might have to say about that).