Pass the lemon

This piece in my Occasional Ravings category is brief exploration into my past life as a manager in various settings. ‘Pass the lemon’ is a phrase I coined to describe a phenomenon that plagues managers worldwide, especially in government service and in large corporations. It refers to the practice of dishonestly moving underperformers and malcontents … Continue reading Pass the lemon

Single bells

Many years ago, when people still wrote letters, a single woman friend who’d always shared houses wrote to me that she was now living alone and was happier than she’d ever been. In my reply, I said that I was glad she was happy but perhaps over time she would miss the company. She replied: … Continue reading Single bells

The virus and the fragile state.

For those followers outside Australia, we are a Federation of six States and ten Territories, two of which are part of mainland Australia (Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory) and each State and mainland Territory has its own legislature. I have lived in four of those States (Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and … Continue reading The virus and the fragile state.

Degree factories undermining literacy and numeracy

It is difficult to escape the conclusion that universities have become corporatised degree factories and this is having a long-tail effect. A recent media article (behind a paywall, so I won't post the link) states that nearly 10 per cent of Australia’s aspiring teachers are failing to meet basic literacy and numeracy standards, a significant … Continue reading Degree factories undermining literacy and numeracy

Everyone’s a winner! – Writing in the modern era

I’m thinking of setting up a writing award scheme/program/investment vehicle, call it what you will. Oh no, not another one, I hear you cry but in the true spirit of Roy and HG, too many writing awards is never enough. And the beauty of these awards is that everyone’s a winner because you get to … Continue reading Everyone’s a winner! – Writing in the modern era

This is not a knitting circle

As my Followers will know, I enjoy posting the funny or off-the-wall side of most situations. Occasionally, however, I use the amusing to suggest a more serious and nuanced side to life and even, Heaven forfend, wax philosophical about the realities that the slings and arrows of misfortune bring on ordinary people. I share my … Continue reading This is not a knitting circle