Black, white and brindle truth

If you are sensitive about your beliefs then I'm not quite sure why you are following this blog. Nevertheless, this piece is more challenging and requires deeper thought than most. I look forward to your comments. All people of colour have a deep spiritual connection to the land of their ancestors. Never trust a black … Continue reading Black, white and brindle truth

Occasional Ravings – Hanging out in the carpark

Let me set the scene. Our new home has the advantage of an elevated position, providing and idyllic view overlooking open paddocks, trees and the rolling hills that surround us. It also overlooks the rear of the local pub and its carpark. One of the less edifying aspects of that particular part of our view … Continue reading Occasional Ravings – Hanging out in the carpark


I've just watched 'Lucky', a movie that Harry Dean Stanton (Paris, Texas amongst other triumphs) made in the same year that he died, at the age of 91. It is a funny, wise and engaging conversation about our final days that will bring insight and laughter in equal measure. It has many links with The … Continue reading Lucky

Occasional Ravings – The great poetry joke

I read a couple of ‘poems’ in a daily newspaper today. Poems appearing in newspapers should be cause for celebration but, as always, it caused me despair. Below you will find the two poems: Freehold by Theodore Eli and Her Late Hand by Jaya Savige, as well as an extract from Sarah Holland-Blatt's breathless take … Continue reading Occasional Ravings – The great poetry joke

Pass the lemon

This piece in my Occasional Ravings category is brief exploration into my past life as a manager in various settings. ‘Pass the lemon’ is a phrase I coined to describe a phenomenon that plagues managers worldwide, especially in government service and in large corporations. It refers to the practice of dishonestly moving underperformers and malcontents … Continue reading Pass the lemon

The virus and the fragile state.

For those followers outside Australia, we are a Federation of six States and ten Territories, two of which are part of mainland Australia (Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory) and each State and mainland Territory has its own legislature. I have lived in four of those States (Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and … Continue reading The virus and the fragile state.

Degree factories undermining literacy and numeracy

It is difficult to escape the conclusion that universities have become corporatised degree factories and this is having a long-tail effect. A recent media article (behind a paywall, so I won't post the link) states that nearly 10 per cent of Australia’s aspiring teachers are failing to meet basic literacy and numeracy standards, a significant … Continue reading Degree factories undermining literacy and numeracy