Scenes from the Asian road – 1

Seoul. I am meeting with a potential South Korean supplier. We are in an old part of the city in a building which is part office and part museum. We have all removed our shoes. While we talk, we partake of seemingly endless cups of tea prepared and drunk in the traditional manner. Some of … Continue reading Scenes from the Asian road – 1

The radio kills people

This piece is in response to this week's Carrot Ranch prompt to write a 99 word story that includes something heard on the radio. It can be from any station or era. What is heard? A song, announcement, ad? Think of how radio connects people and places. Go where the prompt leads! The radio kills … Continue reading The radio kills people

What’s a metaphor you, alphabetically speaking?

You're like: Abseiling (if you could teach an abalone to seil) Busking in Brunswick with a balalaika, Cats who only eat Dine, Dancing (strictly no ballroom), Ease (only accomplished without practice) Fencing without a face mask, G, but with no strings attached, Honesty (often unseemly and embarrassing), Intelligence (seldom found disappearing up itself), Joy (beware … Continue reading What’s a metaphor you, alphabetically speaking?

A magnetic personality

Your healing, random, magnetic, barely understood, as you intend. Home to refugees, your face reaches in and palpates (like a surgeon) that fluttering life muscle behind their eyes, and leaves them anaesthetised with wisdom. As your moon-tides wax and wane, these words, the iron filings of my own secret armour, cling to your magnet eyes … Continue reading A magnetic personality

Zen and the Art of Personal Maintenance – 10 Meditations

1.  If all the world's a stage,      be the one hand clapping. 2.  Like baubles across a bassinet      the past invites endless play. 3.  Your future is in the distance      between this breath and the next. 4.  Every day is your birth-day;      give yourself a present. 5.  Never let your right … Continue reading Zen and the Art of Personal Maintenance – 10 Meditations