Scenes from the Asian road – 2

Shanghai. My flight to Hong Kong is delayed considerably. (I discover later that this has occurred because the Chinese Air Force has suddenly closed the airspace for an exercise and that it is not uncommon.) Finally a boarding call is given to a gate downstairs from the busy main departure area, empty of all but … Continue reading Scenes from the Asian road – 2

Words of Warning

This is my response to the prompt 'Warning Labels' from The A Mused Poetry Contest The fridge magnet letters spilled out on the table, followed by the numbers and then a WARNING label. ‘Some more advanced children may well be prone to spell out things you may not condone.’ Piffle, I snorted, as I added … Continue reading Words of Warning

What’s a metaphor you, alphabetically speaking?

You're like: Abseiling (if you could teach an abalone to seil) Busking in Brunswick with a balalaika, Cats who only eat Dine, Dancing (strictly no ballroom), Ease (only accomplished without practice) Fencing without a face mask, G, but with no strings attached, Honesty (often unseemly and embarrassing), Intelligence (seldom found disappearing up itself), Joy (beware … Continue reading What’s a metaphor you, alphabetically speaking?

A magnetic personality

Your healing, random, magnetic, barely understood, as you intend. Home to refugees, your face reaches in and palpates (like a surgeon) that fluttering life muscle behind their eyes, and leaves them anaesthetised with wisdom. As your moon-tides wax and wane, these words, the iron filings of my own secret armour, cling to your magnet eyes … Continue reading A magnetic personality