This piece was written as a response to The Carrot Ranch 99-word challenge, with the prompt of “not everyone fits a prom dress”, from Ellis Delaney's song 'Not everyone fits a prom dress'. Not everyone fits a prom dressNot everyone fits a compressNot everyone spurns a temptressNot everyone earns their distressNot everyone wears a nightdressNot … Continue reading Ess-sense

Maximum nebulosity

The is piece was written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of 'nebulous'. “Stan, this campaign speech simply won’t do, with all these references to targets for economic growth, employment levels, CO2 reduction, home ownership rates, let alone how we are going to handle foreign relations.” “But, with respect, Prime Minister, these … Continue reading Maximum nebulosity

The conspiracy conspiracy

Transcript from One World Government meeting held in Zurich, 9 August 2021, sensationally published by Wikileaks. President Frilled-neck Lizard presiding. President: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Our first item of business is the Conspiracy Conspiracy. Your report please, Q. Q: Thank you, Mr. President. As you know, Phase 1 involved creating my follower base of conspiracy … Continue reading The conspiracy conspiracy