Blood lines

This piece was written for D'Verse's challenge this week to demonstrate turns in poetry – where a poem shifts gear or opens a window. At her birth she staggered on unfamiliar legs while her mother licked her clean and tried not to stand on her in forgetfulness or fatigue. Soon she stood alone, with a coat that … Continue reading Blood lines

The mother of deserved sorrows

This is my response to the D'Verse poetry challenge around paradox. I am the mother of deserved sorrows I am the ender of the grief. I am violator of the rapists I am the robber of the thief. I am killer of the killers, I am the harbinger of fate. I am the slayer of … Continue reading The mother of deserved sorrows

When the chickens come home to roost

Walter McGillicuddy’s only, and supremely effective, defense against the charge of being insane was that he always remained within the bounds of the broad church of sanity. When he was questioned by the railway police as to why he was tearing up strips of newspaper and throwing them out of the window, he said it … Continue reading When the chickens come home to roost

A magnetic embrace

This is a quadrille submitted to the D'verse poetry page Your healing, seemingly random, barely understood, as you intend. Finding that fluttering life muscle behind my dead eyes, you palpate gently until wisdom’s heartbeat returns These words, these iron filings of my secret armour, seek your magnetic orbit and the grace of your embrace.