‘We grew up together, From the cradle to the grave, We died and were reborn, And then mysteriously saved.’ -  Bob Dylan ‘Oh, Sister’. It was Charles who first noticed it. We were sitting in the back room of the abandoned offices that were our temporary home when he said ‘You know, we could be brothers.’ I … Continue reading Re-born

Occasional ravings – The mysteries of submission

Like many of you, I occasionally submit to story and poetry sites and enter writing competitions. Like many of you, I find that success is rare. This is fully understandable, given the volume of submissions and entries that many of these calls receive and that most, if not all, rely on volunteer and/or low-paid judges. … Continue reading Occasional ravings – The mysteries of submission

The dingo and the moon

Content warning for the sensitive. Strong language and images. I wrote this piece at some time during the 1970's, when I was clearly an angry young man, and only recently re-discovered a hand-written version. At about the same time I discovered the Ship Street Poetry site, which encourages freedom of expression using whatever language you … Continue reading The dingo and the moon

The Palace of the Silver Screen

Welcome to the Grand Opening of my new cinema, The Palace of the Silver Screen! New in the sense of technology and fit-out but decidedly retro in bringing back the movie theatre experience of the Golden Days of Hollywood. Thrill to the experience of luxurious electrically heated seats, which double as non-lethal electric chairs. Laugh … Continue reading The Palace of the Silver Screen