The knotted circle will be unbroken

This piece was written for the Six Sentence Challenge, with the prompt word of ‘knot’.

On his bad days, Alex would imagine slipping a noose with a hangman’s knot around the neck of the irredeemable moral reprobate in his town or on the news that had angered him today, imagine pulling the lever on the trapdoor, imagine hearing the satisfying thwump after the drop and then imagining the satisfying slight swinging of the rope.

On his good days, he would patiently spend time with his grandchildren teaching them how to tie their shoelaces so they didn’t unravel and how to lash the joins on their makeshift fort of saplings and rusty corrugated iron that they erected in the back paddock with great care, and then abandoned in pursuit of their next adventure.

On his teaching days, he would try to shine a light on the tricks of shysters, politicians and demagogues who sold fake Gordian knots that they claimed they could unravel and, if only their followers believed, they would be rewarded with the secret of eternal life, eternal wealth and eternal victory over the non-believers.

On his woodwork days, he would use his bandsaws, his planes and his lathes to turn now rare pieces of rainforest timber scavenged from demolition sites into beautiful and functional furniture that celebrated and highlighted the natural knots.

On his sailing days, he would fancy his modest home-built craft, with its sails secured by his masterful mariners knots, as the Golden Hind or the Endeavour or Chichester’s Gipsy Moth IV or even Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon Tiki, with himself lashed to the helm to survive the worst the elements could deliver.

But on his days of sad reminiscence, he would remember the wedding rings he had crafted for himself and his late wife, in the shape of golden knots that could never be untied and he looked forward to the day they would again be hand in hand in the ground, well beneath the Towers of Babel that would soon come crashing down.

29 thoughts on “The knotted circle will be unbroken

  1. Alex by no chance…Alexandros meaning: everyone says ,as Wpedia…, defender of men. Not entirely wrong but it misses the mark…it actually means the one who fears no man.
    So here is your Alexandros and his knots…I silently raise my glass to him.
    And his way of life.

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