Of drought and flooding rains

Dorothea McKellar’s iconic Australian poem ‘I love a sunburnt country’ contains the words in my title and never has it been more apt in my publishing journey than the last four days. I regularly send my stories and poems to a myriad of publishers, both print and online, and believe me the droughts far outweigh the flooding rains. My record drought is 8 months, at which point I was about to abandon the whole exercise.

And then comes this week. I hope you get a chance to read (and in one case listen to) some of these.



https://fliphtml5.com/tnapr/akcx – Pages 30 and 31


Also recent acceptances to be published over the coming 2 months have come from:

101 words

Sky Island Journal

Rat’s Ass Review (I kid you not)

Great Ape

Thank you all for your ongoing support, especially my special darlings who have bought one of my books. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Of drought and flooding rains

    • Thank you so much, Chel. It means a tremendous amount coming from you. Yes, that’s my raspy old voice reading into my phone. As for buffing up the poems, they’re both over 20 years old and I regard any tarnish as mere patina. 🙂

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