Translating resilience

We have a winner! See angelarunnel’s comment below. Thanks to all who participated.

I am offering a free copy of my book to anyone who can translate into comprehensible English this piece of gobbledygook from a publisher seeking submissions on the subject of resilience.

โ€œResilience looks upwards to the ever-changing, ever-present skies, where fingers and fist touch the horizon. Resilience is often deeply imagined and hard won. Resilience, by turn, is fervent, supple, rhizomatic, generative. Like the beguiling evenness of an orchid, resilience is enduring and delicate.
Against the odds, the impediments and rigid boundaries that may limit our lives, we channel resilience as our guide and our key to rejuvenation and regeneration. Resilience offers a futuristic and promising gaze into the future: What does it look like? How did we get here? What have we lost and/or inherited?โ€

21 thoughts on “Translating resilience

  1. The publisher (or the office help tasked with writing this piece) is a frustrated writer of romance novels. Or perhaps they received some instructions, such as:

    Resilience looks [direction] to [insert florid phrase]. Resilience is [something implying difficulty]. Resilience is [list of adjectives, separated by commas]. Like [wildly imaginative simile], resilience is [some more adjectives].

    [Ramble at will, throwing the word in again once or twice. End with some questions. They do not have to make any sense.]

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  2. Remember those corporate speak generators that came up with meaningless, well, corporate speak, that included a lot of “synergistic out of the box thinking” and “global leader of the eBusiness economy and digital transformation”?

    Sounds like this publisher found a generic sentence generator ๐Ÿ™‚

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