Sister doing it for herself

Anna had made several calls to her sister and left messages, without success. Finally Gemma answered.

‘Hi, sis. What’s happening?’

Anna paused and took a deep breath before saying ‘Mum’s gone.’

Gemma’s vocal fry voice responded ‘Oh my God, when?’

‘Not that it matters but a couple of hours ago.’

Gemma, seemingly shocked, said ‘What do you mean, what does it matter? She’s my mother too!’

‘Was.’ said Anna. ‘You knew that it would probably happen today but you were so busy living on your phone you couldn’t return my calls.’

Gemma began to cry and said ‘I can’t believe you’re saying this,’

‘Well, believe this. You killed her,’


‘She always thought you were the brains of the family, so when you said that all the Covid-19 stuff was bullshit and that she didn’t need to wear a mask and that she shouldn’t get vaccinated, she believed you. And here we are.’

‘Now listen here, Anna. She was old and got pneumonia and that’s what happens to old people.’

Anna’s voice was measured but cold. ‘She was 70. She lived for us and her grandchildren and you took that from her. She believed in you and you killed her.’

‘Anna, how many times do I have to tell you that Covid is bullshit, vaccinations are bullshit and this whole fiasco is about enslaving us and turning us into robots. Why can’t you see that? I’ve sent you all the proof.’

‘And I’ve also sent you all the proof that vaccinations have saved millions of people over the last 50 years. Which part of those were a plot to enslave us?’

Gemma let out an exasperated sigh ‘But this is different. Can’t you see that? It’s part of a whole plan to control us. Covid, G5, cameras everywhere, tracking everything you do on the internet and the list goes on.’

Anna paused for a moment. ‘So Mum died so she wouldn’t have to end up being enslaved, so you did this for her own good?’

‘Don’t be so bloody ridiculous! This whole thing is bigger than Mum and you know that. You keep calling it a ‘conspiracy theory’ but it’s real and it’s happening.

‘So she was collateral damage in your war against enslavement by some mysterious forces you can’t specifically identify but you’re certain exist.’

Gemma exploded with ‘Stop being such a fucking bitch. Our mother has just died.’

Anna said. ‘She has and it’s a pity you won’t be able to attend the funeral. Mourners will have to present proof of full vaccination and wear a mask and Mum would never have asked you to make that sacrifice on her behalf. Never mind, you can Zoom it and do other things at the same time.’

‘I give up’ said Gemma. ‘Just let me know when the estate’s settled and then we won’t ever have to speak again.’

‘Oh, there won’t be any estate’ said Anna. ‘She’s left it all to the holistic therapist you suggested she see to help with her breathing problems.’

13 thoughts on “Sister doing it for herself

  1. Well writ. As the vax rates get up towards 85-90% there is going to be either a bit of rethinking going on amongst the Anti’s or a thinning of the dwindling bone-headed herd. And even then they can take twisted comfort in that old paranoid fall back- ‘See? ‘They’ ARE all out to get us.’ Some will deny even in the face of proof positive.

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  2. Too true, I know of an intelligent educated chap who tried to persuade everyone it was a conspiracy theory – I think only his mother believed him and being very elderly died unvaccinated but of other causes.I love the catch at the end.

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