Trigger warning methodology 101

This piece was written for the Six Sentence challenge, with the prompt word of ‘method’.

Note: Examples only – (may contain traces of nuts)

Little Red Riding Hood – includes wild animal devouring old lady and an axe murder.

Julius Caesar –main character stabbed repeatedly in the rotunda.

Romeo and Juliet – includes under-age sex and portrayal of suicide.

The Bible – a lot of smiting and begatting, as well as fratricide and brief scenes of nudity.

Father Christmas – involves scenes of sweat shops and enslaved reindeer.

Snow White – portrays little people as exploiters of young woman in trouble, as well as stepmother-shaming.

32 thoughts on “Trigger warning methodology 101

  1. I am re-reading the Bible cover to cover for the second time this year, Genesis, through the Pentatuch is rather graphic. And some really shady characters. And SAnta is an anagram for you know who. Romeo and Juliet has seven deaths in four days. WAy to go Bill! Shakespeare.

    Good sxi.

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