The Press Gang

This piece was written for the Six Sentence Story challenge, with the prompt word of ‘distraction’.

Davo and his retired mates were watching the TV news at their local pub when a report on the bushfires included a reporter shoving a microphone in the face of a woman whose house had been destroyed, killing her family, and asking her ‘How do you feel?’

Thus began the Press Gang, a vaguely organised bunch of retirees bored off their brains and keen for some action that would, potentially at least, bring about some change in the increasingly insane and amoral world where the media had abandoned news in favour of visual distraction.

They began with the usual media scrum outside the law courts and became famous for sprinkling maggots in the hair of women reporters just before they did their piece to camera, persistently photo-bombing male reporters while grinning like maniacs, and quietly letting down the tyres of broadcast vans.

The Gang then moved on to the media proprietors and executives where, with the help of some retired locksmiths, they turned their prime beachside holiday homes into accommodation for the homeless, while others combed through the rubbish bins of the rich and mighty and published their contents on social media (who knew that Rupert was taking that much Viagra?).

But the movement really gained momentum when the Gang started releasing rats into the spin session press conferences held by politicians, clueless sports stars and vacuous actors plugging their latest piece of pap, such as the movie ‘War and Peace II – Aliens vs Androids’ and the ‘reality’ TV show ‘Celebrities Cage Fighting Bears’.

Having made the media a public laughing stock, Davo and his mates took a breather for a while and contented themselves with their usual quiet beers at the pub, until the TV news showed a camera crew chasing a young man down the street pestering him about whether he’d had unnatural relations with his chickens, and the ‘boys’ decided to get the band back together again.

27 thoughts on “The Press Gang

  1. There is more than enough news to keep us distracted from what is really important. When all else fails, just resort to listening to your favorite music. 🙄

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  2. Wish Davo and gang would deal with those “man on the street” interviews where the reporter finds some neighbor to tell about an event that happened nearby. None I know would allow themselves to be interviewed for something like that, since the station does such a terrible job of editing, and the interview ends up being with someone who usually doesn’t have all their teeth, babbles on and on and says nothing, and who most likely abuses controlled substances (or that’s how it is in the Ozarks!).

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  3. Hehe, love the line: “where the media had abandoned news in favour of visual distraction.” excellent, and many times the case. Some news now is just Twitter screenshots with a summary 😐 Excellent title for them! ‘The Press Gang’.

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