Angus finds love

Angus Hardy’s heart beat only for the imported American teacher, Miss Anderson. Her Southern accent, as thick as honey, tantalised his pubescent ears and left him silent and still in his appointed place in the classroom.

Her green eyes, set in her lightly freckled face, mesmerised him. He imagined they were looking deep into his and knew what he was thinking, making him blush and quickly look away.

Her slim arms and alabaster skin could not have differed more from the soft and doughy weathered appendages of the older women teachers he had experienced to date.

He was deep in adoration when she startled him with ‘Angus, why are you staring at me?’ A hint of amusement played around her mouth as his fellow students mocked him for his crush having been so comprehensively sprung. His mumbled ‘Sorry, Miss’ was lost in the general hilarity until he was, literally, saved by the bell.

During lunch, in a boisterous game of chasey, a boy clutched at Angus’s shorts, with a resulting tear up the seam that exposed his leg up to the waistband. Preoccupied with what his mother would say, he returned to the classroom, holding together the tear the best he could.

He’d almost made it to the protective cover of his seat when Miss Anderson said ‘ Angus, what have you done to your shorts?’ Amidst general tittering, he said ‘Nothing, Miss’.

‘Nonsense, young man. Come here and let me see.’

Angus, light-headed and feather-footed, presented himself at Miss Anderson’s desk. She surveyed the damage and announced that he couldn’t spend the rest of the day exposing himself like that. Opening her desk drawer, she produced a sewing kit, told Angus to stand still and proceeded to sew up the tear.

Scarlet from head to toe, Angus floated on the delicate perfume emanating from Miss Anderson. He was hypnotised by the heart-shaped locket that swung gently back and forth from her neck. As her fingers brushed against the skin of his thigh, the embarrassment that had begun to plague him night and day arose and announced itself in no uncertain terms.

Clearly flustered, Miss Anderson grabbed for a pair of scissors, snipped the thread and ordered Angus to return to his seat. With his hands covering his crotch, Angus stoop-walked to the safety of his desk.

After school, his mother’s razor-sharp eyes spotted the hasty sewing job and he was forced to relate how that had occurred.

Next morning, as the students entered the classroom, they faced their officious Principal, who announced that Miss Anderson had returned to America, for personal reasons. He then commanded that students turn to Page 43 of their English books.

That night, in the golden glow of his bed lamp, Angus summoned all of his imagined telepathic energy to assure Miss Anderson that he would come and find her and marry her one day. As he drifted off to sleep, he closed his eyes and gently kissed his pillow.

14 thoughts on “Angus finds love

  1. Wow. The dynamics of this piece are dazzling. Adolescence can be torturous in so many ways.
    Hopefully, the kind Miss Anderson fared well, and Angus eventually got his happily ever after!

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  2. I couldn’t imagine how you’d enhance the 99 word version through a longer piece, though I tried not to impose my own assumptions ahead of reading it. The 99 word version felt a little humorous. However, you’ve woven the story with so much depth through the extra scenes in this and the layers of description, the characters feel utterly real and my heart breaks for them. What a torturous experience for Angus, I can’t imagine how challenging it would be, you portray it well. Fabulous take on the prompt, Doug.

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  3. Your longer version introduces the added strain of outside influences, and reminds me of how the awkwardness of puberty can leave unnecessary scars of shame. I like that Angus remains resolute. I wonder after Miss Anderson and her future.

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    • Thanks, Charli. It was a good chance to try out your famous word reduction techniques. 🙂 Don’t worry about Miss Anderson. In the real story, she wasn’t American, she was a local, who married the handsome Mr. Smith from the classroom next door and broke Angus’s heart in the process. Just thought I’d dress the story up a little. 🙂


  4. A beautiful story, Doug. Both funny and tender. It was a Miss Peterson for me who came back after winter break with her name changed to one beginning with “Mrs.”. Fortunately, I never had to stand in front of the class while she… fixed things.

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    • Thanks, Michael. Glad I’m not the only one who had a pubescent fascination with a schoolteacher. Ironically, later in life, two of my high school colleagues married their teachers. One marriage worked out but one didn’t.

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  5. You made me smile, Doug.
    An understanding smile for his puberty, and a riotous smile for the whole, delicately told love story.
    You capture the devotion of first love perfectly!
    Why do we have to grow up and get cynical? 😉

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