Bach to the future

The boy stayed in the shadows as he peered into the window, noting the half-empty whisky bottle and the last century headphones and the old man’s arms waving, and the wooden spoon in hand and the closed eyes and the knitted brow.

On the side table sat an ashtray full of forbidden butts, an empty glass, a tattered paperback with a chocolate wrapper as a bookmark and a filing cabinet wallet.

On the floor, a half-eaten bowl of pasta sat, congealing, with a sprinkling of tobacco ash.

The boy slid silently through the always unlocked door of yesteryear, emptied the wallet of all its cash, bar twenty dollars, and padded, in his stolen Nikes, into the welcoming night and the beginning of his journey.

As Bach’s ‘Toccata and Fugue in D Minor’ faded into the applause of The Proms audience, the old man stirred, re-filled his glass, lit a cigarette, and hoped the boy would spend some of it on food.

He made his way to the turntable, and though his gait was unsteady, he carefully changed the record to Saint-Saens’ Organ Symphony, returned to his chair, closed his eyes and raised his wooden spoon to the ready position.

22 thoughts on “Bach to the future

  1. Cool Six, Doug. I enjoyed your vivid scene setting, littering the “page” with just enough clues about the old man to give the reader a sense of his humanity, his compassion. Clue to his former profession or unrealized dream profession? If musical selections were intentional, then bravo to Bach as backdrop (no, won’t pun it, lol) to the boy thief’s appearance and conversely, the Saint-Saens, in my mind (after I’d listened to it), was a nice counterpoint conclusion. Can’t help but wonder if the boy “visited” the old man on a somewhat regular basis.

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  2. You painted this scene so well. In a way it brings home the point that no matter how poor, or how addicted one might be to substances, there is still that deep feeling of wanting to be of help in some way to another human being. Well done.

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  3. I imagine the boy and he might even be related? The images come together like a piece of music itself, and I can dig the man’s addictions and pleasures here.
    The bookmark made me smile – I too used a choc wrapper once, also train tickets, a till receipt from shopping, and recently found a single serve unopened coffee sachet in one of my old books 😃

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