Finn McCool, the first Gaelic vegan

This piece was written for the D’Verse Prosery Challenge, with the prompt to write a story that includes:
‘I went out to the hazel wood, Because a fire was in my head’.

I went out to the hazel wood because a fire was in my head. I sat at the feet of Finneces, who awaited true enlightenment by eating the Salmon of Wisdom that dwelt in the pond surrounded by nine hazel trees. One blessed day, Finneces caught the Salmon and bade me to cook it and serve it to him, so that he would know all things. But while cooking, the Salmon’s skin spat on my thumb and, when I sucked it to ease the pain, I gained the Wisdom of the Salmon. In future, whatever I had been ignorant of was to be revealed to me whenever I sucked my thumb. Finneces named me Finn McCool but I became the first vegan, Little Jack Horner. I stuck my thumb into a Christmas pie and pulled out a plum. What a wise boy was I.

19 thoughts on “Finn McCool, the first Gaelic vegan

  1. Welcome to Prosery, Doug, and thank you for writing about one of my favourite characters, Finn McCool. If I’d had a boy all those years ago, I would have called him Finn or Finbar, but she was a girl, and we called her Gráinne. I wonder if the Salmon’s wisdom would rub off if I tickled it?

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