Bones made of air

Written for the D’Verse 144 word challenge, requiring the use of this quote: ‘Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy’ from the poem Spring Azures by Mary Oliver.

Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy, not proportionate to the flesh they support, but I have little choice if I am to go on. I climb a ridge and find a space between the treetops and frame a view that draws three elements together; creatured woodland, human-carved pastureland and snow-coned mountains, where stone high priests wear pristine white miters. Ensconced in goose-feather-filled cloud quilts, the gods peer down through their sun glasses to ensure that all is meet and that all activities are right so to do. I try to see them through my cheap binoculars, without success. But I do see a lone figure from time to time, making his way along the granite shoulders of a high priest, carrying what seems to be a lighted torch of hope. He moves like a man with bones made of air.

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