In celebration of women who make my heart sing

Apologies to those that may have read this in another (now defunct) blog life of mine but worth reviving I think.

I’ve always been a sucker for women singers across a wide range of genres in a way that their male colleagues have never quite achieved. Of course I have my favorite male singers and bands but there’s some je ne sais quoi about contemporary musical divas that strikes a deeper chord.

So I thought I’d share some of them with you and hope you too derive some of the pleasure I get from their work.

Lisa Gerrard – Of course I had to start with an Australian and there is nothing more exotic and unmistakable than her ethereal vocal range.

Patti Smith – Not only is ‘Free Money’ one of the great rock songs of all time, Patti has been a pioneer over decades.

Patty Griffin – A great songwriter and a beautiful voice that crosses musical boundaries. Long Ride Home is a beautiful example.

Chrissie Amphlett – Tragically no longer with us but an iconic Australian rock singer who pushed all the boundaries.

Odetta – A timeless folk voice

And finally, I have to include an English contender.

Dusty Springfield – Part of the soundtrack of my youth was Dusty songs like ‘You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me’.

Join in the hit parade of great women singers.

11 thoughts on “In celebration of women who make my heart sing

  1. I have posted this comment once but it magically disappeared! I sometimes think that WP stands for Writings Pulverised!!!
    Anyway, one of my favourite singers is Edith Piaf. Nicknamed ‘little sparrow.’ She can still bring a tear to my eye. Here is a clip…

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