Black, white and brindle truth

If you are sensitive about your beliefs then I’m not quite sure why you are following this blog. Nevertheless, this piece is more challenging and requires deeper thought than most. I look forward to your comments.

All people of colour

have a deep spiritual connection

to the land of their ancestors.

Never trust a black man.

The people of Israel

have an ancient right

to their Promised Land.

The Jews control the world.

The people of Germany

were tricked into war

by an evil man.

All Germans are Nazis.

The people of China

have triumphed over adversity

and they are not our enemies.

All Chinese are mindless automatons.

The people of the USA

are champions of democracy

and the rights of the individual.

All Americans are racist war-mongers.

The people of Britain

brought civilisation to the world

through their beautiful language.

All English people are ignorant colonialists.

The men of the world

have made homes for women and children

and died for our freedom.

All men are rapists.

10 thoughts on “Black, white and brindle truth

  1. Stereotypes have always been a convenience, a lazy way of thinking, a guilty secret…and cherished by those who embrace them; just my opinion, but I’m an old woman–and there are plenty of stereotypes about us πŸ™‚ Great poem…and I really like your last name.

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    • Many thanks, Jael, and I agree the stereotypes of old women (and men) are a pain in the ‘where the sun don’t shine’. I inherited my surname so I can’t claim any credit for it, especially since it is many generation s that it had any direct association with France. πŸ˜‰

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