If the cap fits

This 100 word piece was written for this photo prompt for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneershats © Jan Wayne Fields

“Hey, Talofa. I’ll stay here but you go on a head.’

‘Shut up, Malo.’

‘Hey, Islander 3, I hear that little chapeau across the street took you down a peg or two.’

‘Shut up, Malo.’

‘Hey, Tonga 2, you’re looking a little peaky today.’

‘Shut up, Malo.’

‘Hey, Samoa 2, that guy that bought Samoa 3 wore it into a bar and Samoa 3 said ‘ I’ll have a beer’ and the barman said ‘we don’t serve people who talk through their hat.’

‘Hey, Malo.’

‘What, Tonga 1?’

‘They mis-spelled you. You should read ‘Lamo’.

‘Shut up, Tonga 1.’

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