Note: An earlier version of this story was written many years ago for my ‘god-daughters’. Potential illustrators welcome.


The sky was as black as inside a chimney

and it sent down buckets of rain.

The wind went straight through your kidneys

and blew the dog off its chain.


In bed slept Caitlin and Hannah

with their pet kangaroo and a cat.

(They used to have a goanna

but Mum put a stop to that!)


Through the house came a sound so fearful,

a sound you just couldnt ignore.

It was twice as bad as an earful

of Dad when he started to snore.


Whos there in the dark? said Caitlin

and Hannah said Turn on the light!

But the sound just kept up its wailin.

The cats hair was rigid in fright.


Hannah, this is perfectly ridiculous

Theres got to be somebody there.

said Caitlin as she comforted the platypus

Have a look, if youre not too scared.


Im not frightened of looking said Hannah,

like you and youre old scaredy cat.

Ill go and see while youre sooking;

Ill bet you its only a rat.


But she wasnt as brave as she sounded,

while pretending she just didnt care,

but her heart went bump as it pounded

when a hand stroked the back of her hair!


She turned and she faced this stranger,

This thing that stayed out of the light.

He said gently You are in no danger,

I promise I dont even bite.


Im an old, old man of forty

Whos lost every tooth in his head

I never start out to be naughty

But somehow it happens, he said.


I am the Ghost of Stable Road

Ive been here for one hundred years

All I eat is the occasional toad

All I drink is dandelion beer.


Well be your friend said Hannah

Me and Caitlin dont want to feud.

But stop moaning in that ghostly manner.

At this time of night, its rude.


Come and meet Caitlin and kanga

and platypus and the cat.

Well breakfast on cornflakes and Fanta

Now what do you think of that?



Id love to, dear, said the Stable Road Ghost,

but I disappear in the morning.

So Ill say goodbye to my lovely host.

And he vanished as the sun was dawning.


Well, what was there? said Caitlin,

when Hannah came back all sleepy.

Was it something back from the dead

or something even more creepy?


Hannah said It had a horses head

and 47 legs, all wiggling

and one big eye that was bloodshot red!

and tried to keep from giggling.


But Caitlin smiled because shed seen him go,

rising with the morning mist,

over the top of Stable Road,

and shed blown him a fairy kiss.


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